WELCOME project will carry out a study on the level of Internationalisation of Kazakhstani and Chinese universities, incoming university stakeholders’ indicators, and marketing actions; create a portal of Kazakhstani & Chinese Universities for Internationalisation;  establish Service-Oriented International Relations Offices;  train the International Relations managers and staff; develop and implement Strategic & Marketing plan for internationalisation on the institutional level.

The cooperation between institutions involved in the project will put together their needs and concerns, by introducing the Strategic and Marketing plan in Intrenalisation and  building  an online platform where Kazakhstani and Chinese Higher Education Institutions present their offer (teaching and research) with a perspective in attracting students, teachers, and researchers.


  • To carry out a study in Internationalisation of Universities, incoming university stakeholders’  indicators, and marketing actions
  • To create a portal of Kazakhstani & Chinese Universities for Internationalisation
  • To establish Service-Oriented International Relations Offices at the Universities
  • To train the International Relations managers and staff
  • To develop and implement Strategic & Marketing plan in Internationalisation on the institutional level


Participation in British council workshop on Internationalisation

2-3th March 2018

The two-day workshop for senior management of Kazakhstani universities was conducted on 2-3 March to provide participants with skills essential for university policymakers and higher education managers in modern universities, with a focus on the specific challenges faced by the higher education sector in Kazakhstan, notably the need to internationalise and develop autonomy.

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Benchmarking analysis on Internationalisation practices report

15 February

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Shangai Conference, China

8 - 12 December 2017

From 9, 2017 to December 10, 2017 the dissemination Conference of Erasmus + project WELCOME: Towards Incoming International University Communities held at the Tongji University (China) – WP 5 (KSMU, Tongji University).

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Study tour in Lisbon, Portugal

28 May - 02 June 2017

From 29th May to 2nd June a training course on Internationalisation of Higher Education with the participation of universities from partner-countries was held on the basis of the Técnico Lisboa (Portugal).

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